On 24 February 2022, Russian armed forces commenced an illegal and unprovoked land, air and sea invasion of a sovereign European nation. The media has called this the first war in Europe since World War II (even though an invasion had already occurred in 2014). 
Images and stories of war (against any country or territory) are disturbing and upsetting. The immediate victims are almost always unarmed children, women, and men.
London witnessed a number of peaceful demonstrations against this illegal war. I wanted to express my solidarity with the people of Ukraine and made my way to some of the demonstrations. I participated in peace. The images have been taken at different times and locations.
Russian Embassy, London.
Trafalgar Square, London.
There are multiple conflict zones in the world at the present time. Many countries are engaged in direct or indirect military conflict. We should all play our part in promoting peace and peaceful resolution of conflict.
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